The main idea behind our “In-room massage” project, is to provide our services to hotels and airbnbs that don’t have a spa, but at the same time want to offer to their customers the best travelling experience!

Your costumer can be informed by you, or the services catalogue we bring you for each room with the beggining of our partnership.

Then, choose the treatment of their choice and the desired duration of the session (60′ or 90′), and one (or two in the case of couple massage) of our certified therapist will arrive in the date and time preferred. (We suggest a 4 hour notice)

It is a great opportunity to upgrade your unit, providing a wide range of wellness and spa services.

Our team will take care of:

  • The supplies & the folding bed needed to conduct the service, except towels set requested by you, for reasons of hygiene.
  • All hygiene and protection measures  by our therapists
  • Strict quality control. It is performed via form evaluation, completed by the person concerned, before the start of each session.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask anything you need to know, including the financial profit your unit will gain of each session, to start our cooperation!